Hello ladies (and fellas if you're out there!). I'm flying to Canberra on Friday (from Perth) and just wondering if anyone has any tips on flying with a 6 month old.

Also, bubs has been getting into a routine with food and I was just after some tips on feeding him during the flight. Our stopover in Adelaide will be smack bang at his "dinner" time and when he would normally have a bath and go to bed. Plus, as Canberra is 2 hours ahead.... any ideas on getting him settled into a new timezone? I know it's only 2 hours but I will be starting back at work a week after I arrive and would like to stick to what routine (and I use the word very loosely) we have at the moment - his wake up times and bed times were put in place to fit in with me going back to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!