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Thread: Food for 2yo b'day party

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    Default Food for 2yo b'day party

    I need some ideas on what food to put out at Lily's 2nd b'day for the kids. There will be 1 4yo and the rest will be under 2.

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    wow lily is growing up quickly hey. okey dokey i don't think you can go past fairy bread, little boys (****tail frankfurts) mini pizza's etc. you could also do fruit skewers and i also do a little fun thing with oranges. cut an orange in half then scoop out all the orange, then make up some jelly and pour it in and put in fridge to set, when jelly is set cut the halfs into half again so they are orange 1/4's with jelly, they are yummy.

    i wouldn't bother to much with food for the kiddies cause i find that i do a heap of food then find they have so much fun playing they just don't want to eat.

    have a great day

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    My sister made everything mini, like hotdogs with frankfurts and little bread rolls which was cute and mini fairy bread (cut up in small triangles), mini hamburgers etc..

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    The thing that we always did was to serve the savory food first, then play a bit, then bring out the cakes etc- that way they can't make themselves sick by eating too many sweets!

    Do fairy bread and cut it into shapes using biscuit cutters! I second anything on skewers - fruit, cheese cubes, gherkin, kebana, etc! Sausage rolls or ****tail frankfurts with sauce are always popular. Also Iced biscuits with pictures done in icing and smarties are always a huge hit with any age group! You really only need 3 - 4 savories and the same with sweets (including fruit) - any more than that they won't eat it all.
    Have fun!

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    get a couple of store bought pizza bases and using a round cutter (or different shapes if you want to get tricky) cut out rounds from the bases and make pizzas. You can do cheese and ham or ham cheese & pineapple. You can make them the night before and store in the fridge ready to go in the morning (I'm prepare as much before hand as possible kinda girl). Only thing is with the pineapple make sure its been patted dry before putting it on, or put it on before you put it in the oven (either way I'd still pat them dry nothing worse than soggy pizzas).

    Make your own sausage rolls in advance (I think my recipe is floating around here somewhere) then freeze or fridge them to come out just for the party.

    Just make sure if you do use skewers that you cut off the ends as they can become nasty weapons in the hands of 2 y.o.'s

    Pigs in blankets are good. Cheesy Puffs, Potato Puffs... ummm pikelets with butter and jam. Or even cheese and chive and bacon pikelets with phili

    If I think of more will let you know!


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    I made mini sausage rolls, mini quiche, Fruit platter all for Gem's 1st birthday and there was a mixture of ages there.

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    Fruit dipped in choc is a fav here, and I also LOVE the orange skin with jelly inside! (mum used to do them in quarters, we Loved them)!!

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