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Thread: food additive's

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    Default food additive's

    I was just wondering what food additive's are bad for Children?

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    there is a site called that has a search engine and a list of the ones that shoud be avoided.

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    If you are at all concerned about this, I would recommend getting the Additive Alert book. It's available at Big W for about $15 and I also saw it a Myer today for $19 - (with 40% off today and tomorrow). It's an eye opener! It is also important for Mum to avoid certain additives if breastfeeding bub (the same ones as to avoid feeding to infants and children). I have slowly made changes to our diets, simply by knowing what to avoid when shopping and slowly eliminating things as I need to buy more food. It seems daunting at first (and I thought we ate pretty healthy!) but once you read the book you will be convinced of the benefits.

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