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    Default Fred Bare sizing

    Does anyone know if FB clothing is true to its label size? Or are they on the smaller or larger size for the label size? I wanted to buy mail order for a 'true' size 000 ten week old.
    Also, does size one in babies clothing correspond to age one? If so, would one zero be 9-12 months?

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    Hi Deirdre, I am no expert, but I have had a few Fred Bare pieces for my DS and they are true to size. And, yes, to your question about sizes 0 and 1!

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    My son is almost three & he fits comfortably in a size two Fred Bare t-shirt and mostly wears size three otherwise, so I'd say they might be a little on the larger size. I'd get the 000 that way it might be a bit big, but still fit at the same time

    As for size one fitting a one year old, don't count on it! Today my Alexzander is wearing a size 0 pair of shorts!!! Admittedly if he was wearing a nappy they wouldn't fit properly, but even with a nappy he was wearing size ones at two years old. It really depends on the build of the child & whether they are in nappies or undies when they get bigger IMO. I'm struggling finder winter pants this year because he needs the size two length, but they fall off him!

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    Mmm, I don't know with Fred Bare. DS only has a few things, the tops seem true to size, but the pants seem quite small to me. He's already wearing size 0 FB pants, but is still in 00 in most other things.

    And we were given some FB pants, size 1, and when I held them up to his size 0 pants in other brands, they were about the same.

    Sorry, that's probably not much help! But I definitely think that they might be a little on the small side.

    As for your sizing question, my DS is average size for 9 months, and is still pretty much in 00 all round. Unless he has a massive growth spurt soon, I don't see him being a true size 0 until closer to his 1st birthday.

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