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Thread: Freezing cold Ballarat (Vic)

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    Default Freezing cold Ballarat (Vic)

    What does your bub wear in this horrible victorian weather?

    I have a 5 week old and I find that all I'm putting her in is wondersuits and wrapping her to sleep and keeping the house really warm.
    I find it really difficult to dress her in anything too complicated, she complains very loudly about being dressed, and loves to lie nude in a heated room. I think she should have been a Summer bub.
    I only venture out when I have to, and rug her up in winter woolies that her Nanna knitted.
    It would be nice to get out but it's sooo cold.

    What does everyone else do in this cold weather?

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    I'm the same hun. Patrick spends his time in his wondersuits and wrapped in nice warm blankets, I live in Euroa so we are sitting at the base of the snowfields! When we do go in the car he is put in his seat, has his blanket wrapped around him, then the heater sits on full as we are driving!

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