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    My DS is 15 weeks old and BF. The problem is that no two feeds ever seem to be the same. Some variations include: 5 mins on one side only, 10 mins on one side only, 10 mins on each side, 3 mins then screaming, a few minutes then screaming then sleep then 10 mins..... it goes on and on. I'm finding it very frustrating that he won't feed for a standard amount of time each time. I often worry that he's not getting enough and always feel like I'm trying to work out if he will eat or if he needs a sleep before he eats, etc (he won't eat if he's tired). Tonight I fed him for about 3 mins and then he screamed so I patted him (like he had wind) and he went to sleep for nearly an hour (6pm - 7 pm). Then I fed him again (only about 10 mins all up this time) and he went down again at 7:45pm. It just feels like he never feeds for very long and that it's all over the place. I find this really stressful. Is anyone else's baby like this?????

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    Nina is the same age as your DS and is doing something very similar. Her feeds are all over the place and I can never work out if she's had enough. She's pulling off, crying, then latching on for a minute or so, then pulling off again crying. This has been going on for about a week now and is very frustrating. She still has plenty of wet nappies and is gaining weight so I'm not overly concerned at the moment. Does your DS have plenty of wet nappies and generally gaining weight?
    Unfortunately I don't have any advice to give, but I hope it's just a faze they're going through.

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    He does have plenty of wet nappies and is gaining weight. But I have noticed his poo is green from time to time and I've just been reading on other posts that this could possibly be him not getting enough hindmilk. Do you know anything about this?

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    Sometimes the green poo can indicate that he isn't getting enough hindmilk yes. Maybe if I move this post to the breastfeeding, bottlefeeding & solids forum you may get more replies from those in the know .

    However... I know that Jovie was doing the green poos & I started expressing off a bit of the foremilk before feeding her in the past 2 days and her poos have changed to the mustardy colour they should be & she's feeding better.

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    I am know how you feel right now. Jesse is bottle fed but has been going through the same over the past week or so. One feed will happily polish off 200mls, then next will only have 100mls.. the next only 150mls.. then 100mls etc etc. Wont take any more.. will cry and winge if i try and give him more. He should be having roughly 200mls each feed. But he does have plenty of wet nappies.. he sokes them in fact.. and he is putting on weight, about 300gs or so per week.
    Jesse's poos are always greenish kinda khaki colour.. but i dont know if thats the formula colour poos.

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    My son is nearly 5 months old and he is fussy with his feeds every now and then. It can be very frustrating because I don't know why!

    He will cry and pull off, but then perhaps if I stand up, he will latch on again. When I sit he will pull off. Or if I sing to him, he will go back on. So so weird.

    When he has a calm feed, I just love it!

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