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    hi everyone!

    I have a question i'm hoping someone can help me with re: Luxxe's nappies today.

    She's had 2 pooey nappies and about 3 wet ones so far andthe last 3 (2 wet, 1 poo) have smelt REALLY strongly on garlic! :eek:

    I haven't eaten anything with garlic in it since tuesday and even then it wasn't like I was eating whole cloves raw or anything like that.

    Luxxe has had a slightly upset tummy the last few days and her poos have been a bit runnier than usual and she has also been a bit grumpy and has a few spots that look like pimples on her shoulder (don't know if that's realted at all)

    I thought it might be teething related as she's just had her first 2 bottom teeth come through in the last week...

    but seriously - her wee, poo, farts all smell like garlic.

    it's weird and I'm kinda worried about it.

    I have an appointment with the paeditrician in the morning, but if anyone has any idea, i would really appreciate it.


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    Sounds like it could jusr be the ammonia in her urine etc due to teething!
    I knw when Indah is cutting or just cut teeth her wet napoies burn my eyes!!!

    Good Luck with paed anyways!!!

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