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Thread: Getting baby to sleep - my solution!!

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    Chele Guest

    Wink Getting baby to sleep - my solution!!

    Hi girls,

    Just thought I would let you know what is working for me in regards to putting bub to sleep.

    Firstly I have bought a cd player to put in her room.

    During the day I have 6PR (talk back radio) on and in the evening I have 'Dreaming Music for Babies' and she will just drift off to sleep on her own.

    Whilst I realise this won't work all the time, it is brilliant when it does work. Also my bub actually sleeps better with noise around. Which makes sense if you think about it. Whilst in the womb they can hear all the swooshing, heart beat and outside noises so they never really slept in complete silence for day 1.

    I hope this can be helpful to some of you.

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    Proud Mummy Guest


    Thank you for the idea... its a wonderful idea and I will certainly try it. At the moment she has a musical toy that fits on the side of her cot, and the often works putting her to sleep, but I like the idea of having a cd player in there for more soothing music
    Great tip!

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    I started playing the music bit of my mobile (i detached the colourful moving bits) to Jack when he was about 6 months old and I wish I started sooner, it only goes for 20 minutes (just enough to get him past the first light bit of sleep) and plays Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. I have found this to be the best thing I did in regards to putting him down cos even now that he is nearly 2, when I put that music on, he knows is bed time.

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