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Thread: Getting organised with two kids?

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    Default Getting organised with two kids?

    Aaron ges back to work tomorrow after five weeks off & I'm worried about how I'll get everything done. Juliette feeds every 2 hours. She feeds for about 40 minutes, "plays" for 20 minutes takes 10-30 minutes to settle, so between feeds I have 1-1.5 hours to get things done around the house (not that I can do much for another few weeks due to the c/s) & spend time with Zander.

    I thought it might work to make Zander's lunches & snacks of an evening. For preschool he has two lunch boxes (morning tea & lunch) and I was thinking of packing them each evening for the next day, that way he has his daytime meals organised & ready to go without me spending time making them.

    The slow cooker will be getting a workout because I can get everything prepared of a morning then not have to worry during arsenic hour.

    Other than those, what suggestions do you have?

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    Honestly? You just do the best you can the first few weeks, and it works out from there. I wish there was a miracle cure.

    I am shaking at the knees thinking about organising next year dropping one to school, one to preschool and feeding/sleeping for a 3 month old bubba ....

    Getting as much organised the night before really helps - especially if you have a shocker of a night. especially the nappy bag so you don't have to double check it just as you are walking out the door.

    I am a BIG list maker (read : control freak) so I always jot down the things I might forget that are extra like permission slips, or library bag that day .....

    good luck finding your routine!!

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    Sarah, firstly, be kind to yourself. If you get a shower AND the bed made, that is a good, productive day. Seriously. So don't expect too much of yourself.

    Secondly, making Zander's (and your) lunch the night before, or asking Aaron to make it for you before he leaves is a fanatastic idea. Definitely make sure he makes you something too, and have easy to grab snacks handy. It's important to eat enough but can be hard to find the time.

    Also, if you really need a shower every day, you might need to get up early and have it before Aaron leaves. But getting sleep is probably more important, so if you can live without a shower until he gets home (or the next day!), see how you go. And if you get a shower, well and good, and if you don't, ah well.

    On days when you need to get Zander to kindy or go out for any other reason, try and keep a bag with spare clothes, nappies, breast pads etc packed at all times, and start getting ready half an hour early. You will surprised how long it can take - work on the "if she is going to poo it will be just as we are running out the door " principle and you can't go wrong. Because seriously, that is how it works. And often it's both of them who poo/need to poo just as you are running out the door.

    You will be fine hun, and when it seems too hard, just remember this is a short phase and will get easier. I survived so I KNOW you will too. Big hugs and best of luck.

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    Definitly make the lunches the night before.. and if possible make sure you know exactly what the kids will wear the next day.. You don't have to lay it out but know what you want kwim?

    it gets easier I promise School mornings here can be hectic but I actually find the mornings when Simon is home are harder. I think we get lazy when he is home but when he isn't I have no choice but to move..

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    I agree with MantaRay, about the showers especially. For me, I have to have a shower every day (otherwise I would get depressed) so always have one (even now) before DH goes to work. but I have given up on making the bed - I think ever again. I am a domestic slug.

    And the suggestion to have a back packed at all times I found the best, so there is a bag permanently in the car with nappies, wipes, change of clothes for baby and a spare top for me in case she pucked on me or worse or my boobs leaked.

    It does get easier, my bub fed every 2-3 hours and dh went back to work at 5 weeks. That was when I bought my HAB for the arsenic hour as you call it. Then I would do things with her in the HAB. I just ordered a catbird pikkolo from Melanie as today I had DD in a sling and DS in the seat in the trolley to do the weekly shop.

    I think try to get rest when you can rather than cleaning or washing is the main thing, you are still recovering from the birth and things will slowly start to fall into place at about 3 months.

    I also found those continental meals (the little packets that you add mushrooms, onions, tomato paste, and beef to) that you put in the oven for 1.5hours really good too, especially for later in the day if you have been out in the morning and not able to set the slow cooker up.

    I also did my shopping on line for the first 3 months, (fortnightly) and got DH to top up the petrol in the car so you don't have to get two kids out to pay.

    Goodluck and enjoy your bub!

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    *Slow cookers a great idea.
    *Wash your 'whites' or your 'darks' the night before, that way, first thing in the morning you can hang it out.
    *Bath your son and your DD at the same will be fine on the floor for 2 mins whilst you dry, dress your son.
    *The days your son is at preschool, do a farily big household task i.e clean the shower, mop the floor, or dust the house. Doing just ONE of these things is a major achievement in itself with two little ones...
    *I often mop the floors, or fold the washing at night, when the little ones are in bed. Whilst my mountain of washing looks daunting in the day, at night you will be surprised how quickly you can fold it and put it away with no interruptions.

    Good luck, i was soo nervous the day my DH went back to work when i had my second.
    I promise, in a few weeks you will be in the full swing of it....and doing just fine....

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    Just been coping with this myself for a couple of weeks now. I have the added joy that if I need the car for the day I have to drop DH off at work. Some of those mornings I don't bother to get any of us out of pj's, we get dressed when we get back home. I do have some mornings where I reassess my day and tell DH to drive himself, as I am to tired to deal with it. Thankfully on childcare days DH helps get DD1 ready, her hair may be a mess, but at least she has clothes on and has been fed.

    Have not got the hang of the slow cooker, I find by the time I get a chance to chop veg etc half the day is gone. I do try and cook meals that will last 2 nights and a lunch. DH can cook, so sometimes he will step in to finish dinner when I have bubs to feed.

    Thankfully DD1 can help herself to some foods, she can get yoghurt out of the fridge and get herself a spoon. She likes to do things herself, so often I just have to supervise and only help when needed. I thought of doing up snacks the night before, but I find I just need to do me stuff of an evening.

    I am getting more organised slowly, I have learnt to accept that some days will be disasters and nothing will get done.

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    You do have the advantage too that Zander is old enough that he can do some things for himself too - if you have food handy and easily accessible for him he can get it himself if you do happen to be feeding J at the same time. Also have some activities/toys ready to go before a feed too, because you can guarantee that they will want the toy/book/other interesting play thing that is out of their reach while you are feeding. Or even set up a small desk/table for him (if you don't already have one) with colouring books, paper, pencils. crayons etc so he can draw you a picture while you are busy.

    It wont be that much longer and J will be having longer awake times, her feeds will be further apart and she wont need as much settling as she does now, so it will open up your day a lot more too.

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    Sarah, I find the best and safest thing to do is take Tehya in the shower with me. That way she get's her shower(she has one every morn and a bath at night) and Abbey is safe. As for getting out the door on time, definately get Zanders lunch done the nigth before, even his clothes for the day ready.

    I am usually up by around 6 am, thanks to Tehya, and the girls and I are showered/bathed and dressed, Noah is dressed and we are all fed and out of the house by 8.40am, yes it's a run around, but it can be done.

    Of course like anything though it takes time to get yourself sorted and into some kind of routine. I used to stress if I'd had a bad morn and Abbey wasn't bathed and fed before school drop off, now I don't care if it doesn't happen. Unless of course I have to go out that day.

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