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Thread: Gifts for second baby

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    Default Gifts for second baby


    my girlfriend is pregnant with her second child, due on 23/9.
    She has a 2 year old daughter, and doesn't know the sex of her unborn baby.

    What sort of gifts do you think I could get, given that she has a lot of stuff already?
    There are obvious things to get if this baby is a boy, but if she has a girl what things would you suggest?

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    Well we have number 2 arriving and is another girl. I have put together a list for friends, but mainly I've asked for disposable items, like nice baby wash (Gaia organic products), nappies, wipes etc... I have asked for items that cost me $$ and that I will be going through in the first year. We have heaps of clothes, but Matilda was born on the opposite side of the year, so I have gone out & gotten a few things just for Jovie. I think its nice too for them to have a few outfits of their own... not heaps but I've bought Jovie 2 outfits of every size just for her. Everything else can be hand-me-downs . I also have wanted clean wraps so they are new just for her. So maybe sus out, you could always get a gift certificate to target baby or a baby shop to go towards something they maybe eyeing off.

    Our baby shower is having a $$ tree to go towards house cleaning for us for the first month...

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    Even though she already has a girl it is still nice to get new stuff for your new baby, iykwim. I would probably steer away from teddies and stuffed toys though as she would already have plenty of those.. Hmm am I double shuffling here. LOL.

    Ok, basically just buy for her what you would if she didn't already have a baby. Perhaps even a new photo album. All babies need their own one of those. Or, if really uncertain as her.

    ETA, Oh Christy was a super idea. I wish I had thought of that. LOL.
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    I think gifts of practical items like Christy suggested are a great idea. I know I recently bought a friend of mine a box of nappies as a gift and she really appreciated that! The things like wipes, nappies, wraps, nice baby products (shampoo and the like) are always great gifts I think.

    A new photo album is a great idea too, or perhaps one of those books that you record the baby's milestones in?

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    I would make a nice little hamper full of disposable items. Then wrap it in cellophane and it looks like you went to more of an effort too

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    My friend just had her second baby too and even though she had a boy the second time (her first is a girl) I had a list in my head of things to buy if she had another girl. These included;

    A baby Journal
    A baby Album
    A blanket for baby so they could have a special one of their own
    Bath towels with baby's name embroided on it. I got some when I had Allegra in standard size so she will still be able to use them as she gets older.
    New Wraps - muslin or terry. These tend to get battered
    A sheepskin (if she likes them) its nice for baby to have their own for their pram

    Hope that helps!

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    For all three of ours, we have brought them their own special teddy/stuffed animal - Lindsay has a teddy, Erin has a bunny and Paige has a sheep - all different and they still all use them as comfort items.

    Having something personalised is great too, it makes that item belong to no-one else.

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