thread: Giving DD a queen bed and eventually sharing with sibling?

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    Jun 2010
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    We'll be getting a queen bed for DD when #2 comes along. She'll be older than Miss I, but it still sounds like a great move for you. As we see it the pros are:

    - More space for me/DH if we need to sleep with her
    - She can share with her sibling if they'd like (although they'll have separate rooms)
    - When visitors come over they can have that bed and DD can room in with her sibling (this is our main reason for doing this)

    I reckon go for it!

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    Jan 2009
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    DD started sleeping on a queen mattress when he was 8 months old but it was too uncomfortable for me as I co-sleep. We bought him a really good mattress which is a double and dh built a frame that lifts it up off the floor just enough to get the air under it so that the mattress can breath. So he's been sleeping on that since 9 months with the view that we can use that mattress in a bunk bed which has a double on bottom and a single on top It's been fantastic because is super comfortable for me and there will be no transition for ds to make when he's older. To start with we were worried that he would roll out but the bed is in the corner of the room and we put pillows all around the bed just in case. But he's never fallen out and we have a video monitor so even if he looked like he was going to we could go in a move him.

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    Aug 2010
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    In my DH culture, cosleeping with parents transitions to cosleeping with siblings