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Thread: Giving a St Bernard a run for it's $

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    Tee hee... possibly a bit cruel for a title but seriously, how much slobber can a little girl make????!!!!! DD is just over 2 months and in the last couple of days has sudenly started licking everything; trying to shove her whole fist in her mouth; slobbering EVERYWHERE, even when her dummy in in her mouth her whole face seems to get covered in it! Do you think this is normal sensory development or something more? She has been a bit clingy today.



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    She could be teething. DD and DS both started teething around that age. And yep, slobber everywhere!

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    hahaha, the wet patches on the sheets, Nina has those too! Sometimes I think she's been throwing up, but she's just been drooling everywhere.
    All seems perfectly normal to me.

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    Oh yeah! I remember those days well LOL, when you'd have to change several tops/suits etc cause they were wet through. I found those cheapo bibs with the plastic backing invaluable during those times as they caught the slobber and their clothes didn't get wet (well, not as much anyway).

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