thread: Going shopping alone with baby

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    Oct 2004

    Going shopping alone with baby

    Hi all, this may be a stupid question, but here goes....
    I'm about to go shopping with DS (nearly 6 weeks old) without DH for the first time. I want to treat myself to some new clothes. My question is, What do I do with DS when I want to try on clothes? I don't want to leave him outside the change room where I can't see him, but I don't think his pram will fit inside the cubicles.
    What do other mothers do?

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    Custardtart Guest

    Depending on where you go, some places have a handicapped changeroom designed to allow space for a wheelchair, which you can use for your pram.


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    *Rachel* Guest

    Sometimes the staff offer you the 'disabled' changeroom or a larger one, sometimes I just bring him in and pop him on the floor on his blanket, other times Staff have offered to watch him (didn't like this as much at one store, the girl just left him in the pram outside - didn't buy anything there LOL)

    Don't feel too put off, you'll work out what's best.

    Go shopping with a friend who doesn't mind looking after your little one, but you've gotta get out there ! LOL

    Good luck

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    Dec 2004

    I would never let a stranger watch my child (eg. shop staff) because you really do not know this person and you never know what could happen.

    If they don't have a big or disabled change room and you are shopping alone, then I would just take your bub out of his pram and lay him on the floor on a rug. That is the safest way and atleast you can keep an eye on him.

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    mooshie Guest

    i recently bought some new bras and needed to try them on, i was alone so i just grabbed lani out of the pusher and put her in the change room with me - she sat there playing with my keys lol.

    other than that i usually drag mum along (she always then treats me to lunch and coffee - cause i usually drive).

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    *Rachel* Guest

    I feel so neglectful after reading my reply.

    Not that I have to justify myself, but I should say that I have only done the 'leaving him with staff thing' once (the only time I did, and I wouldn't do it again after that ) and I talked through the door to them the whole minute and a half I tried the top on- when she didn't reply I opened the door so I could see him. I was scared.

    I learn't my lesson the hard way, and was just letting Jacq know. I never let Keenan out of my sight when I took him shopping before this unless my sister had him.

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    Feb 2004

    I'll only go the the shops that have the bigger change rooms to take the pram in, Target do, whereas K-Mart and Big W don't, although Myer do.

    I don't get clothes from anywhere else so not sure what the change rooms are like in those little clothes shops.

    Another option, if you know your size, is buy some stuff online.

    Prada - don't worry about what you said, I have seen plenty of mothers do the same and don't feel you have to justify yourself.

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    Dec 2004

    PradaPrincess- Sorry sweety if my post made you feel bad. It certainly was not meant to come across that way. I was just speaking from what I would personally feel comfortable doing. Everyone is differentas to what they do and don't feel comfortable doing and you certainly don't have to justify yourself.


    And once again, I am sorry if I made you feel bad #-o 8-[

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    oh I have had to leave Matilda with a shop attendant before 8-[ but I left her strapped in the pram and I left the curtain cracked a bit so I could peek out and see her. Usually I bring her in with me in the pram and have enough space.

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    *Rachel* Guest

    Ooops #-o - sorry Guys, I wasn't fishing for sympathy or trying to make anyone apologise #-o It's another one of those 'internet chat room dilemmas' where no matter what I was going to write, it wasn't going to come out how I wanted it to. LOL

    I went away and thought about how bad I felt at the time when it happened and I did feel like I was neglectful. I felt bad. I think I just needed to explain it so I felt better. (does that make sense?)

    Thanks for the hugs Nadine

    I've seen others do it too - without even batting an eyelid, just leave 'em out in the hallway or entrance door to the change rooms...., at least I didn't leave him in the car LOL!

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    Oct 2004

    Well, I went shopping today but DH ended up coming with me after all, so I didn't have to worry. I noticed that Target had one change room with a picture of a pram and wheelchair on it. The other cubicles were all a decent size too, so the pram would probably fit in there okay.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    What I have done in the past with the smaller changerooms, is to half shove the pram in, then sort of hang the curtain around/over the pram... if that makes any sense? And you are usually still left with enough room to change, and privacy too...

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    Jan 2005
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    If I can't fit the pram in the changeroom I just park it outside the door.
    Hope that doesn't seem like I'm a bad mother.

    I've had lots of good experiences with sales assistants entertaining the boys while I try on clothes but I make sure that they are where I can spy on them through the curtains. My boys are real flirts so they don't even realise they can't see me!

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    Kellee Guest

    Glad you had a good time, jacq. Are you friends with another mum? Maybe you could go together and 'tag team'...