thread: Going up to next clothes size

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    Sep 2004
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    Going up to next clothes size

    Hey guys

    I was hopeing for a rough idea of how many clothes you buy when your baby goes up a size??

    Hendrix is pretty much out of his 000 clothes (of which we had far far too many) and ive started buying some 00 but so that i dont go out and go bananas again and as its going to start getting warmer so fewer clothes will be needed, what do you think is a reasonable amount?? Ie underwear, jumpsuites pants and tops?


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    Colleen Guest

    Jaykob went straight into 00's and then into 0's & 1's which lasted me about 6 months.
    Hes now in Size 2 bonds and I figure it doesnt matter how much I buy because he will probably be in that size for A while.. well I hope so lol

    Hes getting taller now and losing all his rolls so Some of his 1's will fit even longer too iykwim

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    Jan 2005
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    I tend to buy clothes in the next size up and roll up the cuffs so they last longer.

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    Feb 2004

    I had so many sets of clothes bought / given to us before Zander was born that we haven't had to by hardly anything!!

    Althouh havin said that, with reflux we tend to go through at least two outfits per day.

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    Oct 2003
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    I'm pretty stingy and only have a few things for each... so 4 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of short and 5 t-shirts and 3 long sleeve tops to get through spring/summer. I do have though around 10 singlets because thats all MAtilda wears around the house in summer. Like Sammi I always buy Matilda one size up from what she is wearing atm, so last weekend I realised I had no shorts for her for summer so I went & got 2 pairs of size 1's that were big size 1's (baggy for her atm) and 1 pair size 2's that don't fit her yet. I also bought 2 t-shirts. I have her jeans & some cargo pants that she still doesn't fit yet but has been wearing all winter with the cuffs rolled up. They are both pumpkin patch and still look brand new even though she's worn them at least once a week....

    I do washing twice a week. HTH!!!

    BTW Matilda is really tall, but thin so she grew out of 000 really quickly was in 00 for 3 months and 0's for 2-3 depending on their size... she's been in 1's for a fortnight now properly.

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    Nov 2004

    Go and try the op shops, they're just fantastic and SO cheap with good stuff. We buy most of Alex's clothes there.

    (btw, when I recently counted up my jumpsuits in 00000 and 0000, I had 46, and we'd only bought about 5, so I guess we get given a lot...)