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    Does anyone have a good growth chart in softcopy format.

    DW is scrapbooking DS first year, and we want to add his growth chart. I have surfed the net, but all the ones i have found are pretty average. One done in Excel would be ideal.

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    Hey Mick, what sort of excel thing are you looking for? I could design one for you if it was simple enough, as I'll probably be wanting to do this for my own baby, so it's best to be prepared!

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    I have one in excel, but i was hoping to have one that has the percentile curve in it.

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    That would be doable, you'd have to set up a second set of growth points (so one set for your DS and a more sets for the percentile curves). You can have the percentile curves in, say, light blue and labelled with the level it's at, then have your DS's one in red or something like that. It will take quite a bit of inputting time though.

    OR you could find a .jpg of the percentile chart, measure your graph up to it then right-click the grey background and change that to be the percentile chart, I know you can insert your own image to that.

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    The current growth charts are based on the 1970's bottlefed babies in a lab test. You can get one from the WHO website now based on recent times and on breastfed babies - much more realistic.
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