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    DD2 still has gunky eyes. the midwife at the hospital said it was normal for this to happen but she is over a week old now, should i get it seen by the GP or just keep wiping it away?

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    It is quite normal, it's the body getting rid of stuff from the inside. You can try a bit of warm salty water on a cotton ball to wipe them. If you are BF then squirt some BM into them after that, I found that to help heaps. If you aren't BF then you can try some cow's milk.

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    Did they say it was to do with the tear duct? If so, then they don't usually worry about it until after about 12months because most cases resolve themselves during this time. If it is still a problem then they look at surgery (small surgery) to try and remove the blockage but it is a minority of cases that have to go down this path. My little one still has gunky eyes -- we were told that you can gently massage the inner eye upwards with your pinky to try and encourage the duct to open or any obstruction to dislodge itself.

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    As cass has said, bit of BM straight in the eye will clear it up

    Works wonders, the old Boob Juice

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    Our pediatrician also recommended breast milk and that has seemed to help here, too.

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