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    thinking of taking DS(7mnths ) to gymbaroo.. has anyone else gone, and have they been happy with it.. is 7mnths of agel a good time to go? thanks

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    I took DD1 but just found it was not for us, it was full of pushy parenst who were busy rushing their children ahead and not letting them relax and be kids. That was just one area and it was 14 years ago so you may find people who love it.

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    I took Yasin to kinder gym when he was about 2 which is a similar program run by gymnastic Australia.
    He loved it - he always had an absolute blast playing on all the equipment and in the foam pit. He didn't join in the structured activities much but at the age he was I geuss that was to be expected. The was no pressure to join the activities, the teacher went through them and those that wanted to join in did so and the rest just did thier own thing.
    Kinder Gym starts from 18 months - I don't think Yasin would have benefited from it much ealier although on the occasions I took Imran along he seemed to enjoy him self on the mats and so on.

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    I take DS to Gymbaree (im not in Oz but am sure it is the same, only the american version). DS loves it. The first time he was there was amazing, the look on his face, he had all this room to move around and not be told "dont touch". We go to movement classes 10-18mths and basically, there are activities set up and we just move around from activity to activity. Basically, we just follow the kids lead, but at the same time encouraging them to ie, climb or go through the tunnel. There are also a couple of group activities. Each week is a different theme, ie, rocking, climbing.

    I dont think 7mths is too young. If he is crawling around or even trying, it could be encouraging for him. We were able to have a free trial class, maybe ring and see if you can have a trial class first and then decide.

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    I took my DD for a couple sessions at about 6 months, we did enjoy it but for $18/ session (not sure how much yours is) I thought it not really worth it as most of the things you can do at home.

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