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Thread: Had to buy a cot :o(

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    Default Had to buy a cot :o(

    We co-sleep with our little one at the moment but it looks like we're going to have to cut it short earlier than we expected. She's getting so big and is rumbling around loads now and there just isn't a huge amount of room for the three of us. Last night she woke every hour - not necessarily to feed but she kept bumping into me and as a result, she and I are both cranky pants today and she's ahd about 4 naps already!!
    We'd never planned on co-sleeping past 6 months while I am exclusively breasteeding but just didn't expect to cut it short so soon. I just feel that it's not 100% safe to continue.
    I ordered a cot and it is coming tomorrow.
    I'm actually wondering how I'm going to get her to sleep in it though, I do have the no cry sleep solution book so am going to see what ideas I can get from that to move her as gently and lovingly as possible. I might still take her to bed with me, feed her till she is sleeping and then move her. It's going to mean some disruption to what she is used to and I hope that she'll be ok. If anyone else has done this with success and no tears, I'd love to hear how you managed.

    I'm so sad.
    Just wanted to vent.
    Sue x

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    Hi Sue

    Can you remove the side of the cot and put it right next to your bed so you are still together, but she is in her own space and you are less likely to disturb each other? I know this has worked for a lot of co sleeping mamas.


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    Hi T,
    Yeah, I am really hoping that we can do that but because I ordered the cot online, I'm not sure of the exact functions. I know that it can be made into a toddler bed - so I assume that means a side will be able to come off. DH is an engineer so when he builds it I am going to make sure he can do something along those lines!!
    Sue x

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    You'll be ok, especially if you can still keep her close. You never know, she might appreciate the extra room too

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    Default She's in the cot sleeping as I type :o) :o(

    I'm so sad, bubby is in her cot now asleep.

    Happy that she is asleep and settled. Sad that she's not sleeping with us any more.

    Boo hoo

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    Awwww It's just another step in her development - sometimes they're quite momentous and we need to mourn a little a the passing of the last one.

    Time for snuggles with your DH maybe?

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    Hehe, EXACTLY what he just suggested!!

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