thread: Hair cuts for kids

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    May 2004

    Hair cuts for kids

    I went to get Kimberley's hair cut today as a month ago DH'd cousin's little girl cut a chunk out of it.
    I had asked before how much it would cost and i was sure he said $5.50 so i thought that's not bad.

    When i went to pay it was $12 it must have been $5.50 if i only wanted the fringe done.

    How much has anyone else paid ??

    I don't mind paying it but when she told me it might not be straight as Kimberley would not sit really still for her,. I said to myself i could have done that at home for free.

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    katanya Guest

    We walked out and went home hairy still!

    I paid $10.50 for Felix first haircut, but it was shorter on top than I wanted, but it was a men's barber, so i figured maybe he just did that style?

    I think $5 is what I'm going to look for, but I guess they have to kid wrangle..hmm $10 tops..

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    I pay $10 for Kameron's hair cuts.


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    Jul 2004
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    Does anyone know how much those cheap Just Cuts hairdressers charge for kiddies? I thought it was around $7 or $8? Or maybe it has gone up in the last few years...
    Lucky for us, Aidyn wont need his first haircut for many more months I should think

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    Sun Nymph Guest

    Hi there, I pay $8.50 for pre-schoolers and $12 for primary schooler. The latter maybe a bit steep but they are kid-friendly and do a good job.

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    May 2004

    Where I used to work, we could charge kids up to 5 years old $5.50 depending on what they had done of course. If it was just a fringe trim and it was a fairly regular client to the salon I wouldn't charge them for that.

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    Jan 2005
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    I pay $13.50 at a barber but my boys have thick hair so they need a proper short back and sides. Some have special days when they have half price for kids but I can never be organised enough to be there on those days.

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    Nov 2004

    I pay $10 for Sascha, and the hairdresser puts leave in treatment and sparkly glitter hairspray, and Saschas favourite is the lollypop. Also after 8 cuts you get one free.