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    Melinda Guest

    Hair Washing

    How often should/do you wash your baby's hair?

    Jacob really hates having water splashed on his face which makes washing his hair a bit awkward. Four nights a week one of us has a bath with him, the other nights, he has a bath on his own. The four nights where one of us is with him, it's generally ok to wash his hair, but the nights where he has to sit in the bath on his own, he positively hates it. I think he has become used to one of us being in the bath with him, so he really objects to being in the bath on his own, and objects even more when it comes time to wash his hair on those nights!!!

    So I'm just wondering, is it necessary to wash his hair every day, or can/should it be done less frequently (I just thought it might avoid a few tears!). It's not like he has loads of hair to wash after all!!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    I wash Aidyn's hair every 2nd or 3rd night. And even then I wonder if it really needs it, cause its so fine and doesn't get greasy and oily like adults hair. I guess the obvious times it would need washing is when there has been food in the hair, etc, lol.

    Maybe on the nights where you dont wash it with shampoo, you could just run a damp facewasher over the hair... that would save his face from all of the splashes (Aidyn hates water getting in his eyes too).

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Hey Mel

    We had a similar problem - we only wash Joshuas hair every third day but if its really dirty every day.

    Love Jen

    PS: He slept like a log when we got home for 2 1/2 hours - can we meet everyday????

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    Jun 2003

    I have washed Asha's hair probably 6 times since she has been born and she is nearly 14 months old. She doesn't have much hair at all. I don't use soap either, just water and a flannel. If I need to use soap I just use the tiniest little bit on the flannel and wash her that way. I also rub her head with the flannel and until she gets more hair or gets sand etc in it then I will stick with not at all or very rarely.


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    mooshie Guest

    hi mel

    with my other 2 i hardly washed their hair at all, however lani has quite long whispy hair now and it gets covered in food (due to our constant fighting of getting her to eat her dinner lol) i usually wash it every day, from day one (this sounds cruel) but i have been pouring water over her face and she adores it so i am lucky there (my sil in qld did it with her dd and she is a real water baby) anyway i am going off track sorry.

    my son was a little older than jacob when he flatly refused me to allow him to wash his hair so i went and bought a hose thingy that fits on the tap like a hand held shower and we played games like being a fireman and making it rain on his head so he can grow - worked a treat, maybe you could give one of those a go, from memory it cost under $10 - it is now used as a microphone in the bath :-s

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Thats a great idea mooshie - I never thought of that one - I have to see if I can find one tomorrow :-)



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    Oct 2003
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    We have always played in water & splashed it on Matilda's face or poured it over her head. She has a frisbee as a bath toy (a dog toy she decided was hers) and we pour water over her head that way. She also has showers with us & sits & plays in the shower with water splashing all around her & loves it. BUT we only put shampoo/soap in her hair maybe once a week if we remember LOL

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Melinda I don't think you would need to wash his hair everyday. Just do it those days that you are having a bath with him. I figure that its not worth upsetting him.

    Alana on the other hand has hair of a two year old LOL! We wash it everyday, with a shampoo/conditioner as it gets knotty and food gets stuck in it.

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    Melinda Guest

    Thanks for all the replies!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I wash Gabby's hair whenever she has a bath even though she doesn't really have any. I like it how it makes her head smell nice, LOL. Plus, I want her to get used to it so that it won't be a problem later. I also splash her lightly in the face. She gets a little fright but smiles afterwards. Hopefully that will help too!

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    Jun 2005
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    Hair Washing

    We wash Mackenzie's hair once a week and just wet it if need be during the week to get the sticky food out!. I do it by lying her back like she was when she was a baby (she's now 14 months old). She loves swimming and will put her face under but isn't a big fan of having water poured over her head in the bath so this seems to work well for us. I have also seen in magazines an item which looks a bit like a head band which goes over the head and sits where a hat would sit on your head. It sticks straight out so stops the water from running on their faces when you pour the water on.