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Thread: Hairdressers!?

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    Default Hairdressers!?

    Okay, so this might seem like a bizarre question but I just have to ask...

    I'm REALLY in desperate need of a hair cut and colour but want to wait till after the baby is born because of the risks of the colour getting through to the baby... But, now I'm wondering, will I even get time to get my hair done after the baby is born??? Has anyone managed to get their hair cut & coloured soon after having their baby or is it one of those things that just has to wait and you couldn't possibly have time for??

    My hair dressers is only 5 minutes away from home and DH could easily bring the bub to me if needed but I'm not sure if I will be too buggered or if baby could last that long without a feed etc.

    What are your thoughts girls?! Thanks in advance...

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    I had colouring throughout my PG & even had it done the week before I was due because I thought I wouldn't have a chance to get it done afterwards & I didn't want to have grey hair in my first photos with my baby. Having said that we would have been way too tired afterwards anyway & with having a c/s the only way I could have it done was after DH was back at work & I could drive I didn't get it done again until Matilda was 4 months old & I could go on my own on the weekend.

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    Thanks girls, I think you've helped me decide to get it done!

    Fletch - I don't have to worry about greys luckily but I do have blonde foils on darkish brown hair so it's really obvious that the regrowth is about 5 cms now...hehe!

    Christy - I've had my hair coloured 3 times already while preggers but was thinking it would be good to avoid it again...but now I'm thinking I might just go and get it done next week just in case (and hey, if I make the appointment, maybe bubs will decide to come out a bit early?!).

    It would definitely be nicer to have those new baby photos with nicer hair...especially with how bad it looks at the moment.

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    Sherie - I had mine done a few days before ds was born (he was early...) I also got a bikini wax the week before so I wouldn't have to worry about it for a while (a friend pointed out you DO NOT want stiches and regrowth at the same time!!!)

    Good luck!

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    My SiL kept up her colouring routine all through her pregnancy and niece is fine. I know there's no way I am going to have time for a proper "pamper" hair-cut post-Liebling, so I really made the most of the one I had done in July! (Sadly, although I had 3-4" off it has almost all grown back now so I'll "need" another one soon; bet it won't be until Jan now though!)

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    Sherie, go and have a little pampering session before hand!
    I can't believe it is so close now. Can't wait to hear your news!

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