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    Just wondering how many people have "hung onto" toys (books, clothes) from their childhood to "Pass on to my children"? How did you feel when you handed them on?

    When DD was born, DH and I went though my boxes of toys I had managed to salvage and keep to pass on to my kids... but I was somewhat hesitant in what I took out for our (then) unborn child - not because of what was suitable but because of what I didn't want ruined!!!! Now I'm thinking DD would enjoy a baby doll and I have a Cabbage Patch Kid in the box... along with oodles of clothes... but I'm still hesitating...I know I should pass it on - it's what I kept it for... but I don't seem to be able too! Help!

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    hehe - I have the same feelings about some of my things (particularly my favourite books). The really special ones I ahve decided to keep as something "special" that we can read together - not something to go on the general bookshelf (that's what I used to do in my classroom too).

    I guess you could do that with the cabbage patch if you want to look after it - just bring it out sometimes - when you are prepared to play with it together - rather than putting it in with all her other toys?

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    ive just gotten out my cabbage patch doll for sophie and intend on giving her all the clothes i have for it as well! i love the fact that she may get the same enjoyment that i got out of them!

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    Chelsea loves my Cabbage patch doll. I also gave her my teddy my Great Grandma made for me when i was born. She is so gentle with it. I love seeing her playing with my old toys

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    I've given stuff to Ash but I have kept couple really special things aside because as you said I don't want ruined.

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