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    Sep 2006
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    Question The Happiest Toddler on the Block

    in an attempt to learn strategies to deal with my 2 year old's tantrums, i bought a dvd called 'The Happiest Toddler on the Block' by Dr Harvey Karp - a child development expert over in the States...

    it demonstrates different techniques to be able to effectively communicate with your tantruming toddler and calm them down, and also has a few theories on toddlers in general and shows a different perspective on how to deal with them.... while a lot of it is cringe-worthy, it does seem logical and make sense to me, and i can see for a two year old its probably going to have more impact than me explaining things to her like she's an adult...

    just wondering if anyone has any experience with using his techniques and did they work.... on the dvd it seemed to work really really well...

    i did a search but couldn't find anything on here about him...

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    Aug 2006
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    No but we're just hitting the tantrum zone here so I have just ordered the book and DVD from the library (Free!!!!) Will let you know what I think when I have read it.

    He looks like a happy lunatic on his website so, y'know, it might just work.

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    Sep 2006
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    i'd love to know what you think...

    to me it makes quite a lot of sense, its just the american-ism terms that freak me out a little, like referring to the language used to speak to toddlers as 'toddler-ese' - but as i said, it makes ALOT of sense to me....

    i'm sure there will be a knack to mastering it, i've tried it a little but not on an extreme tantrum yet, just whinging for stuff, not sure if it works for whinging.... anyways prob not much point me talking about it much more until you see it - watch this space!!

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    Hi Emma1979,

    I am in love with 'The Happiest BABY on the block' the techniques Harvey uses are absolutely amazing! They calm my baby and he is such a happy little man. Every now and then when he gets wind or is over tired and I don't pick up the signs then he gets a little grumpy, but no screaming for hours or crying... we are so lucky.

    We use his techniques everyday! I have been telling all my friends to buy his DVD and watch it before their babies arrive!

    I can only imagine 'The happiest TODDLER on the block' is just as good.

    Give it a go....