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Thread: Has anyone experienced Ngala (WA) sleep school

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    Default Has anyone experienced Ngala (WA) sleep school

    My LO and I have been booked into sleep school (4nights) at Ngala in Perth, and now I am super nervous. My DS is currently waking every 40 mins at night so I know we need help, but I am scared they are going to let him scream and sceam, which makes me worry.
    Currently I BF him when he wants and I don't want him to think I don't love him anymore (sounds stupid I know!!!)
    If anyone has any experiences, good and bad, please let me know

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    I havent experienced them personally Hayley but I have a few friends who have used Ngala and swear by them. Their babies/children sleep probs were sorted out very quickly. I would recommend you give it a try and just see how you go darl x

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    I know a couple of people who have used them and swear by them, but i don't know for sure what practices they use.

    Good luck with it.


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