thread: Has my 3mth old outgrown her baby hammock already??

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    Question Has my 3mth old outgrown her baby hammock already??


    We have had DD in her baby hammock since she came home and she has always slept in there for her day and night sleeps (in our bedroom). Lately we've also had her sleeping in her cot in her room during the day to get her slowly used to that as one day she'll be in her room and cot permanently.... but for now she's in our room as I'm not ready to move her yet.

    Anyway, lately DD has been tossing and turning ALOT in her hammock and getting so strong now that she can almost roll over like she does a half roll and then gets stuck and starts crying She turns her head up and at a funny angle and then lies with her face almost buried into the hammock mattress. I worry a bit sometimes that she'll get stuck and then maybe suffocate but she is pretty strong so i'm sure she'd get out of the situation if it did happen (heaven forbid).

    She's pretty long and I'm starting to wonder if she's outgrowing her hammock ALREADY? she's only little though! I thought these hammocks would last til she was at least 6mths?

    All you Mummies who use hammocks can you give me any tell tale signs as to when I'll know when she's had enough in there? Lately she seems to sleep a bit better in her cot but then she has days where she is better in the hammock?


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    i never had a hammock, but it sounds like maybe she is ready. i think around 3-4 months sometimes some babies want to have more space/room to move. we moved ds from a bassinet to a cot at 4 months. maybe try her in there for a night and see what happens. you can always go back to the hammock.. dont they say 3 days makes a habit?
    all the best.

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    I too have never had a hammock, but around the 12-14 week mark i found with all my girls it was time to convert to cot, or a cradle (from the bassinette).....if shes sleeping well in the cot during the day, i would try her at night too.......she may look real little in there, but she may have more room....good luck.

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    My dd did that for a few days and then stopped doing it she slept in her hammock, quiet often on her side till she was 8 months when she learnt to roll face down in it. What type of hammock do you have mine was an amby. Bub also used to sleep with head/face against the side all the time to but was fine. getting on there side is not a huge thing but rolling face down is as it is realy hard to get back again.

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    Thanks for your posts girls.

    Hhmmm not sure what to do. She fusses now and then when we put her in her hammock and other times she doesn't.... she'll move around and try and get onto her side and her head is all awkward.... sometimes takes her a while to get to sleep in it... oh what to do what to do.... i'm so worried she'll end up rolling right over (she's very strong!!!) and onto her tummy and not being able to breathe
    She's still wrapped tight too so surely she can't manage that? It would be pretty hard to do!
    We might put her cot in our room..... ah! decisions LOL

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    As soon as Tara turned on the side and got her head stuck on the bassinet we moved her to the cot. Also we moved to sleeping bags, because if they roll or turn they are not safe wrapped. Personally cause im extra cautious as you can see I would move her to the cot and see what happens.

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    I would say she is. I would also say no way for 6 months! Ashton was crawling then, once they are mobile it is unsafe. So rolling would be that stage of unsafe. Ashton was rolling at 2 months and doing exactly what you describe just before he rolled so sounds like she isn't far off it.

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    in the eye of a toddler tornado

    Beth was in hers until she was six months, when she started to roll in it, twist herself into a pretzel and get uncomfortable. She was waking a lot at night because she was twisted up and uncomfortable. Before that she lay happily on her back in it and slept fine. When we put her in the cot we realised why she was so uncomfortable, for some reason she seemed to want to sleep curved backwards in a C shape! Strange child!

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    Mar 2004

    Both my boys used their hammock until after they were a year old.
    I can't remember why they eventually moved out but they were only part time because we co-slept for a lot of their sleeps.

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    Well last night again was the same as the night before.... ended up moving her to her cot in her room as she wouldn't settle or lie still in the hammock.... yep, i think we'll be moving her to her cot now that means she's ready.... also, we want her in our room still as I"m not ready to have her in her own room so I'll have to bring her huge cot into our room!! looks like a job for DH this arvo I think DD is very close to rolling over....seems too little tho!!

    Thanks girls. And yes, that grobag sounds like a good idea. What one do i get?

    Tis' going to be sad packing up her hammock!

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    They are strong little ones aren't they? Orson can roll onto his tummy while tightly wrapped up. I don't know how he manages it, but he does!