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Thread: Having nightmares (Me, not the baby!)

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    Default Having nightmares (Me, not the baby!)

    I am a first time mum and not sure if other people experience this. Since baby was born ( a month ago) I have been having nightmares and weird/strange dreams each time I go to sleep. They are not about the baby, just odd stuff! I never normally have them and wonder if it is related to the broken sleep, short sleep cycles, hormones, trying to adjust etc etc.

    Anyone with similar experience, and if so, did your dreams return to normal?

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    Yes, I have been having really vivid weird dreams since DS was born. I am not sure why though

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    I have been too, Not nightmares but really odd dreams where i wake up thinking 'what the hell was i dreaming about that for'.. I have them atleast every second night where as before bub i only had a dream i could remember well every couple of months. DF told me i have been talking alot in my sleep too, Saying random things/

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