thread: He doesn't want to leave!

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    He doesn't want to leave!

    I've been having some problems with Mason lately. It seems that he has decided that he doesn't want to go home from anywhere. Be it down the shops, kinder, my parents place, his little friends house, next door, Elijahs birthday party...etc
    He kicks and screams and hits me. This morning we were invited to a kinder friends place for a play and come time to go home he went ballistic. It was just around the corner so we walked there but I almost had to carry him all the way home. I was so embarrased as well as exhausted. It's damn hard to carry a writhing 4yo and push the stroller.

    I need some tips on how to try and manage this.
    So far I have been giving him warnings for when it's almost time to leave so it's not sprung on him. ie "Mason it's time to go in 10 mins, why don't you help tidy up the toys"

    Any other ones I can try?

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    I have had dreadful problems with DD in the past. It can be extremely difficult to handle as well as embarrasing. I brought a sticker chart as DD loves stickers, she cant read but just putting on a sticker excites her. Basically I explain before we go anywhere that she will have to be good and that when I say it is time to come home she has to be good, and if she can be good and not chuck a tantie than she can come home and have a sticker. It takes a bit of getting used to as the first few times she was naughty but still expected a sticker. It was hard but I stood firm and then eventually she was good and got her first sticker. Since then she is very eager to show me that she is doing the right thing.

    Hope this helps, you can vary the reward etc. I dont think of this as bribing because I am not giving into her demands by offering her a reward when she is already being crabby to start being good. But rewarding her when she doesnt get cranky in the first place and does the right thing.

    Good luck