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Thread: Head flopping forward in car seat

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    Fraser Guest

    Default Head flopping forward in car seat

    Hey there,

    Charlie is still facing backwards in a reclined car seat - but in the last couple of days he has fallen asleep and his head flops forwards - normally he falls asleep lying back.

    Is this dangerous? I don't suppose there is anything I can do about it - the first time it happened I pulled over and sat his head back up (and waited for my heart to start again) but it just flopped forward again when we took off, so at each light I leant back and pushed his head up but then off we rolled and his head flopped forward again.

    Does this restrict their breathing?? I've only had to travel short distances since this has started happening - I don't know what I'll do if I have to travel a long way with him doubled over!

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    Fraser Guest


    They stop them from rolling from side to side don't they? would it stop his head flopping forward?

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    same thing happening here - we went away for a few days, 4 hour drive and I had to sit in the back with Rylee to keep her head back while DH drove - it is in the most reclined position, but because the back seat also is on an angle isn't reclined enough so will try putting something under the base of the car seat to tilt it back more.


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    Melinda Guest



    I have one of the U-shaped things here that Caro is referring to, so you can take a look at it if you like. It's different from something that is used to stop babies from rolling over in bed (I've got one of those too LOL!).

    To recline your seat more you can always have a towel rolled up and put it under your car seat. We have had to do this with Ruby's car seat and it was approved by the RACT to do that, if that's any reassurance to you.

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