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Thread: head ultrasound for 10 month old

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    Default head ultrasound for 10 month old

    Hi, My DD is having a head ultrasound on Wednesday. I was just wondering if any of your children have had one and what it involves? ie, does it hurt them? how long does it take?

    She is having it because she has Truncal hypotonia (low muscle tone) and is about 3 months behind in her motor development at the moment. The paed also is doing blood tests to see if we can find a reason behind the hypotonia. I am praying they find nothing and she just catches up (as we have been doing physio since 6 months).


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    Hi hun... sorry I can't offer any advice but just wanted to give you a big and wish you and DD all the best for tom xx

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    oh hun!!!! not sure whats involved or anything but just wanted to wish u luck.
    Iz has low muscle tone aswell, and has only just in the past few days started getting up on all 4's and rocking and yesterday managed to pull herself up to standing.
    Hopefully all miss E needs is some time to work everything out
    let us know how she goes, will be thinking of u

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    No it doesn't hurt at all. The length of time varies from scan to scan, but about half an hour is about average i'd say. Sometimes with wriggly babies it can take a bit longer. Take something to keep her occupied, book, toy etc. If you are going to a children's hospital, they often have TV's and things in the room, although at 10 months she may not be interested in that.

    The blood test is never fun with a baby, but it is over pretty quickly. I took a special treat to give my DD for straight after. She cheered up pretty quickly. Best of luck. x

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