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Thread: Healthy snack ideas for 1 year old Please!

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    Default Healthy snack ideas for 1 year old Please!

    My DS has recently turned one, and want to give him more nutritional snack during the day, but something that he wont gag on, as he is not a good chewer!! He usually puts things in his mouth moves it about a bit then swallows it, without too much chewing. I am giving him Farex biscuits at the moment.
    Any Suggestions would be much appreciated

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    Matilda was very similar as she still didn't have any teeth at 1!!!

    Her snacks were usually things like:
    * cheese
    * yogurt
    * sultanas
    * sliced thinly apples & pears
    * banana
    * ice blocks made from fruit pureed with natural yogurt
    * vege sticks cooked so they were easy to bite & come apart
    * I made homemade rusks so that she would get the hang of chewing

    I used a slice of wholemeal bread with the crusts cut off & then did a smear of vegemite on, I then rolled it up & squished it so it was soft & sort of mushy & then microwaved it for a minute. I let it cool & get hard & then let her go for it. She loved them!!

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    How about vegie muffins? Kynan loves them and they're a good way of sneaking vegies in. He also loves the Bellamy's organic freeze dried apples. They're really crisp so he can bite off pieces easily (he's only got 4 teeth - front top & bottom) but they go mushy really quickly once he's got them in his mouth. Not sure how your DS would go with them but you could give them a go.

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    Things we snacked on at that age:

    - mashed banana
    - yogurt
    - grated apple or cheese
    - toast
    - mini vegetable muffins
    Those Bellamy organic apples Angel mentioned were a staple as well - they are great! (Except I had a hard time keeping DH out of the packet, he'd eat them on her )

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