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    I have a healthy and happy 9 week old, but something happened last night that has really bothered me. I was feeding her at 3am and it was pitch black, I had forgotten that my husband put the internal alarm on (which goes off if someone breaks into the house when we're home). anyways the cat was upset about something and with baby in my arms i went to check on the cat...walking past the sensor and setting the alarm off. I was standing right under the screamer, which is absolutely earpiercing. Thinking that someone was coming at me in the dark I started to scream and calling for my husband. I flicked the light on and looked at my baby in my arms...she didnt seem phased at all. Now all day I have been trying to make noises around her to see if she can hear me and she never seems bothered by anything, the smoke alarm even beeped a bit today and she wasnt bothered.
    She had her hearing tested when she was born and she is 'chatting' to us heaps and responding when we chat back (which i dont know if thats responding to the facial expressions or our voices).
    What do you guys think? SHould I be worrying so much or is she just a no-fuss baby?

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    hmmm... I think I would get it checked again just to be sure. Call the hospital and ask them if they will repeat the test they did as a newborn... or make an appt with your GP to be sure. There is most likely nothing wrong, but its best to get it checked now while she's so young. Its something they normally ask as they are going through your red book at her vaccinations.

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    My little man is like that too!!!
    He had his hearing test at a few days old and passed with flying colours.... When I was growing up I had 3 sets of grommits and a heap of ear operations so i was worried that he might have hearing problems....
    The other night we had the BIGGEST lightning storm that brisbane had seen is years apparently..... It made me literally JUMP out of bed and **** myself (not literally) hehehe but I checked Jacob straight away and he didnt blink an eyelid...

    Maybe try clapping and see what her reaction is


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    Clap your hands behind her (where she can't see you) or ring a bell and see if she turns her head or tries to track the sound with her eyes. If not, get her checked ASAP. Sometimes they can have a glue eye which reduces normal hearing so you want to make sure she doesn't have a temporary hearing issue either.

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