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    How do I get Ellie to have an afternoon nap? She just won't have one. Today is the third day that she's screamed the afternoon away and I'm utterly exhausted!! She's so tired but nothing will put her to sleep for longer than 10 mins!

    She won't go down in her cot during the day. It's dark enough but she just won't go. But she goes down soooo easily at night. Weird. So I try and put her down in her jeep rocker on vibrate or on our bed. Doesn't help. I end up holding her for 4 to 6 hours and she wakes all afternoon from any slight noise and then she balls her eyes out. Sooooo frustrating!!


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    Its really hard, Matilda used to not sleep during the day and the only way I was able to was in the pram in front of the dryer LOL. When she was around 12 weeks we started getting better at it, but before then it was awful.

    Tired signs, during the day keep an eye on tired signs after she's been up between 45minutes to an hour. If she starts doing jerky movements or rubbing her eyes or pulling her ears start settling her straight away. Take her to her room & rock her or pat her or help soothe her gently to sleep. Is she wrapped? Some babies like being wrapped more than others, and find that they follow the sleep cues better if they are wrapped. Matilda hated it so I would just bring a wrap with us. Usually if they are waking up 10 minutes afterwards its because they jerk their arms or startle themselves awake so wrapping can help that too.

    I personally have no problems with feeding to sleep, not that I am an expert at all, just a Mum . Some people say its a bad habit to get into, but I personally think whatever way you can help them settle to sleep with less stress & drama, the better.

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