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Thread: help - can't get son to sleep early

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    Default help - can't get son to sleep early


    I am having problems getting my 23 month old son to sleep early at night. I try and put him to bed by 8.00pm but he keeps coming out of his room before I know it, it is 10.00pm at night I am tired my husband is tired and our son will not go to sleep.

    What can I do?


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    Alison does your son still have a day time sleep ?

    I notice the days Kimberley doesn't has a sleep during the day she falls asleep around 7pm and the days that she does have a sleep I'd be lucky to get her in to bed before 10pm.

    The last few days she has had no sleep during the day and by 7:30pm i have a nice quiet house.

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    I have noticed its the days he does have a day time sleep, I can not get him to bed. The days he doesn't sleep usually I can get him to bed by 7.30pm the only thing is my DH comes home from work around that time and my son gets excited to see him and thats the end of it, he runs around crazy.


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