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Thread: HELP....drink spitting!

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    Unhappy HELP....drink spitting!

    Im at my wits end with DD1.....she thinks its funny to get a mouthful of drink then spit it all down the front of her clothes. They get changed at least 3-4 times a day because of it. She does it worse when the drink is water, but also does it with juice, cordial...anything thats liquid!!!!

    How do i stop it...i *try* and expllain its naughty and mummy hates having to clean up her drink etc.

    Once all the drink is gone she chucks tantrums and wants i wait a bit, give her some more and she drinks it fine but when im not looking starts doing it again.

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    Kim, J does this sometimes too, but luckily not as often as your DD. And he only drinks milk and water so I don't have to worry too much about stains. I think it is attention seeking behaviour, as he usually does it when I am not paying attention too. I find that if I sit with him at the table while he is drinking (or on the couch if it's water outside of meal times) then he doesn't do it. It is hard with two kids to always be able to do that, but it does stop the behaviour! GL.

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    Also i have found that getting my DS to clean the mess up has helped as then they are being responsible for their actions.

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    I would remove the drink, and say no more if you are going to be silly. If she throws a tantrum just stay with her till she calms down and then tell her that she needs to drink her drink properly. Give a 10 min break before reoffering the drink. And before giving it to her remind her that she needs to drink it properly or mummy will take it away. The first time she will think the world is ending But she'll get the idea.

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