thread: Help, My 3yr old DD isn't well.

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    Help, My 3yr old DD isn't well.

    I am hoping someone may be able to shed a little light on this for me. Everyone in my house (except me) has been sick with suspected food poisioning for the last 2 days. DD was throwing up alot. Now during this time she has also started complaining about her 'front bum' (vagina) being sore. I have had a look and it does look a little red - a bit like minor nappy rash. She only seems to complain about it hurting when she does a wee.

    So I am not sure if this is related to the food poisioning and I should just wait and see if it clears up on its own - and take her to the doc if it doesn't, or if I should be more concerned and take her to a doc now (huge pain in the butt, and I am not sure if I would get in until after easter anyway).

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    id book her in to a gp, that way if you do have to wait, it may clear up and you can cancelthe appt.
    In the meantime go to the pharmacy and speak to he pharmacist whoe may be able to reccomend something.

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    Is she TT or had diahrroea? It could be an incontinence rash caused by the skin being in contact with either body product. She may not be wiping properly if it is wee related so just give her a hand with that for a bit. I reccomend a good barrier cream such as sudocream - this will provide protection when she is weeing. I doubt it is related to the food poisioning though hon.


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    could be a urinary tract infection?

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    Maybe a gastro bug or something and your dd has a urinary infection as well. I'd book in just to be sure or go to the pharmacist... In the meantime try and keep all fluids up this will help with dehydration and to "flush" out any nasties.

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    sounds like a UTI to me!

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    poor little minckin hope she feel better soon definately book in and that way if it clears up in the mean time you can cancel or even if if gets worse take her to the hospital she will be seen straight away and she won't be in any discomfort for any longer time then neccesary

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    Well I have her booked into the dr early next week.

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    Def sounds like a UTI to me too. I would give her some hydrolytes or something as it will help with dehydration and might help ease her discomfort too. Try cranberry juice if she'll drink it as it's good for things like that and won't hurt her if it's not a UTI.