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Thread: Help.... My baby won't settle

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    Question Help.... My baby won't settle

    Help, my four week old won't settle! He has pretty much been on the boob since 2 pm this arvo. He drifts off but wakes as soon as I put him down. This is odd behavior for him as normally he drifts off and becomes a dead weight. You could not wake him if you tried. He doesn't seem to be in pain, has no temp, is feeding well and has pleanty of wet nappies and two dirty ones. I'm at a loss as to the problem. Any ideas?

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    how about a deep bath then massge?

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    I'd suggest there's no problem, he's just having a nice time with his mum Seriously, it sounds as though he's fine, just being a baby. He might be growing alert enough to figure out what's what If it's getting too much, and you need to sleep, take him to bed with you (obviously following safe co-sleeping practices).

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