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Thread: Help! My bub is "out of sorts"..... sorry it's a long post!

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    Default Help! My bub is "out of sorts"..... sorry it's a long post!

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone can help. My little one is just plain old out of sorts.

    Up until a week ago Robert was in a (very loose) routine. He would wake up around 5ish and have a BF, be up for about an hour (DH goes to work early so he would have a chat with him before he left) then go back to sleep for another hour - say, to 7am. Then it was up for the day, another BF. Then he would have a big morning sleep, up to 2.5hrs, followed by another 1.5-2hrs up and then a big afternoon sleep. During the day I would BF on demand. Sometimes he would also have a bit of a nap around 4. Then when DH came home he would have a play, then it was bath between 5 and 6, followed by a BF then into bed. He would then get a dreamfeed at around 10.30 or so and wake up for a feed between 2 and 3.

    Well, last Monday DH left for 3 months at sea (he's in the Navy) and that's where everything went to pot!

    DH did the bath/bed routine and also got him up when he woke in the morning to bring into our bed for a feed and cuddle. I know he's only young, but I'm pretty sure that Robert is not impressed that this has all changed. The first couple of days were ok but since then, I can't get him to settle - firstly it was just night sleeps but for the past couple of days I can't get him to settle during the day.

    Is this just coincidence or, could it be that our little one is missing his dad. He's very snuggley (read clingy) too at the moment.

    He hasn't got any teeth yet (my CHN commented today though that his gums look "bumpy"). He is on solids once a day and I introduced a second "meal" today. I'm not worried about him not getting enough to eat because he has plenty of wet nappies and poos every second day and he is steadily gaining weight - he already has chubby little body thanks to his mumma's milk.

    I guess what I want to know is he going through a sleep shift or, is it something else.

    I would really appreciate anything you could offer in the way of advice!

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    DS went through something like this around your DS' age. It started with the night sleeps, then one day sleep after another was affected. He also became very clingy & would cry at the drop of a hat! It was stressful at the time so I can relate. I'm sure it's not easy having your DH away too.
    In our case DS just snapped out of it. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more he suddenly changed & started sleeping better! I think he was going through a developmental stage as I heard of other bubs around his age doing the same things.

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    DS is doing the exact same thing at the moment so I know exactly where you're coming from, although I couldn't imaine doing it with DH away I'm hoping I'll just ride it out and things will change, as they tend to. Although I did try the Braurs teething relief last night and we had one of the best nights for a while (still woke up 3times though!). His day sleeps are pretty bad too, although I'm thinking that he might be dropping to 2. If he's had 2, its almost impossible to get him down for a 3rd - so yesterday he had a sleep at 9, then around 12, woke up from that at 1.30 and didn't sleep again till bed at 7.30. But when he went down for bed, he didnt need resettling during the evening like he's been doing recently, he didn't stir till a feed at 11.

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