Well still up for over an hour each night over the last 3 nights. If she was just happy to play and lie there that would be fine, but I have to either hold her or like last night I set up camp next to her bed so I could snooze in between patting her. I tried to crawl out (you would have loved to be a fly on the wall - our floorboards are horribly creaky so I looked hilarious) but I got to our room and she started up again, knowing that I wasnt there. In the end I fed her for the second time (1 and 15 mins from the first feed) and she fell asleep again Im not sure how long I can sustain this but also dont know what my options are really. In my sleep deprived state I was thinking about all the CC books I was going to google, which in the light of day is NOT what I will do - but thats where my mind was going Arrgghhh I know it could be a million times worse but for us who had an 11 hour a nighter and then a feed to sleeper - we feel like we have a newborn again!