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Thread: Help PLEASE sorry for TMI

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    Exclamation Help PLEASE sorry for TMI

    I"m really worried ...
    Ryan has had a cold for the past week and just now seems to be able to breathe a little better while B/F but my concern is that as a rule he only poo's every 6 - 7 days which the mchn said was perfectly normal his poo's were nice and soft and the right colour but as of last night he has done a poo every hour or 2 and they are GREEN with lumpy bits (eeew tmi) he doesn't seem to be overly upset in the stomach and is laughing and generally happy but his last nappy change a couple of minutes ago was also like this then he started frothing as he farted much to the amusement of my 12 year DD but dou you think this is Gastro or just the mucus and snotty bits going through him also i think i should i feed him more today so he doesn't get dehydrated my poor little man

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    It probably is the mucous going through his system.
    I'm sure that of he was sick with gastro you'd know all about it. Call your health centre or Dr if you are worried.

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    Green poo's in b/f babies usually indicates overfeeding, is it curdly or lumpy. I would keep an eye on him for other symptoms, and if your really worried I would call the health centre.

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