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    My little girl has to have an op tomorrow - for a hernia in her groin area. The best case scenario is that she'll go into surgery around 1.30pm but as she is being knocked out she has to fast and we cant give any milk after 9.30am and only 36mls of water between then & 11.30am.
    She is 3months and normally feeds every 3 hrs so what can i do if she starts cracking it because she's hungry? Would a dummy be of any help? we dont currently use one.


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    I really don't know what you can do here Morgan. I guess a dummy may work but it may also make her more cranky in the end. Sorry I am not much help but I do want to wish you and Vicky all the best for tomorrow. My thoughts will be with you both.

    You could try and cluster feed her till 9.30am, she may be so full that she sleeps for the morning.

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    She may be able to go the 4 hours if she has to?? Could you give her your clean finger to suck on, the teat of the water bottle (attached to the bottle of course) or try a dummy just to calm her if need be. Best of luck with the op and feeding.

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