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Thread: Help! A wonder week??

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    Question Help! A wonder week??

    My little angel has been confusing me this past week

    Since he was 8 weeks he has been self settling.... everytime he went to bed all I had to do was wrap him and leave the room!! Since 4 months he has been sleeping through the night with only the odd night or two when Oscar would wake up during the night for a feed.

    HOWEVER..... the last week Oscar has been a nightmare to get to sleep. He just cries and cries until I go into his room and then he stops. Pretty much every sleep he has, he does it and it can go on for up to an hour. On Boxing Day he started rolling from his back to his belly... so I am wondering if this may be a wonder week?

    Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated!

    ETA- I have not long put him down for a sleep and it only took 10 mins Let's hope he keeps it up!!

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    Oshani, Pip's started doing something similar. I think DF's stuffed his self-settling cause DF will sit on the puter next to Pip when he's settling, now PIp won't settle unless someone's next to the puter - but only at night. Days are OK still.

    The grandparents staying didn't help much as he was held to sleep for a week too.

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    I believe there's a wonder week around 19 that about the right age?

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    I must admit that I have never heard of the phrase, "wonder week" however! I oh so clearly remember that time with DD#2!! I remember being on the phone to my mum firstly to see if she had any ideas and secondly, it kept me out of DD's room as it would've been impossible to hear mum on the other end of the phone

    I remember this period being short and I had to remain persistant and not give in to changing her routine by rocking her to sleep or similar. Although, the odd cuddle and soothing cheek kisses calmed both her & I! I had to resort to pep talking myself that I had checked everything, she was fine and this phase too will pass.........................

    Last resort, I'd offer a feed................I guess other things to consider are teething, growth spurt and the little one becoming even more aware and alert of their surroundings and goings may have a party animal on your hands!!

    I don't know if any of this helps but am thinking of you!!

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