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    Pietta Guest

    He's acting all weird

    Hello all!
    I have a question to ponder with you all.
    Recently Ryley has had chickne pox, pnemonia and a really bad chest infection. He is only now just starting to smile with his eyes again IYKWIM. Well he is not eating much and hasnt had a bottle today at all- Normally he has 3-4. we tried to give it to him and he isnt interested. Now if i list what he has had today please let me know if your bub has about the same or if i should be concerned- coz I already am!!

    Vegemite toast- one whole piece plus a huge cup of water,
    Only the ham section of two ham sandwiches (like a shoulder ham square) he ate about two pieces of that
    He also had TWO cups of water and asked for more water (he actually says more)
    then he had a bikkie when my Mum came over, a small banana in the afternoon, more cups of water and one of baby apple juice, then for dinner all he had was literally two table spoons worth of pasta a piece of cubed chicken and two little slivers of bacon.
    This is it!!

    Soooo much water i am worried he is getting no nutrients coz he is drinking so much- if i dont give him a drink he gets soooo angry and cries so i figure he must be thirsty...

    arggghhhh... i wish he could talk!! also he is teething- would that affect his appetite??

    Please help.... ](*,) i just want to do whats best and go see a doc maybe

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    Jun 2003

    Hi Pee

    Teethign can affect the appetite and if he is still recovering from his illnesses this will affect his appetite too.

    I would keep an eye on him again tomorrow and if things don't improve then perhaps a doctors visit is in order. Have you taken him to the Chiropractor recently? It might be worthwhile giving that a go as I know they say that they can help with illnesses too.

    The othe thing to keep an eye on (and it is hard when they are in nappies) is his output i.e. his wees. If you are at all concerned about the amount of water he is drinking then try and collect a wee sample in a clean sterilised jar and take it with you to the doctors.

    He won't let himself starve to death, I promise!!!!

    I wouldn't worry about the milk either. Asha only has 1 bottle now, just before bed and a drink of milk from a cup mid morning. Some days she doesn't drink much of them either!!!

    Pee you are such a good mum and only you can decide if he is "not right" and if you have any concerns then take him to the doctors!

    Hope he is back to his usual self very soon.


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    Custardtart Guest

    Hi Pee,
    I can really understand why you are so worried about him and this is easy to say but hard to do - try not to worry unless it becomes a long-term pattern.
    If Riley is not going through a growth spurt and is still in recovery and not all that active, it might be totally normal for him not to have much of an appetite.

    If his stomach is feeling a bit sensitive, he might not want dairy - it is harder to digest than fruit or water, and a couple of days won't hurt him nutritionally.

    If his lack of appetite extends for more than a few days you might like to pop him down to the doctor for a checkup, but in my experience with my children it has been quite common for them to go through phases of eating like birds then hitting a growth spurt and making up for it by being constantly hungry, their appetite is very firmly linked to their physical or emotional growth spurts and plateaus.

    Listen to your instincts, but as long as he is drinking I wouldn't let it worry me for a few days. As Kelly said, keep an eye on his nappies.

    Good luck!


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    Pee he's eating more than Matilda ate for a few days with tonsilitis! Like the others have said 1-2 days of that amount of food is okay. Sounds like he's getting enough fluids which is great! Thats the biggest concern we've had with recovering from illness'.

    One thing I used to do to try & get dairy into Matilda is smoothies. I would use formula & yogurt & fruit. When she's sick she usually will only have 2 smoothies in a day and a few more bites of food & thats it. HTH!! (btw smoothies I give are around 200mls at a time)

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    May 2004
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    Poor little man - he's had a bad run of it hasnt he.

    Just an idea - have you tried any yoghurt, he might like that instead of milk for a change.

    Hope he feels better soon.

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    Hiya Pee,

    I'm sorry to hear that poor little Ryley has been so unwell...

    I agree with everyone elses advice, which I think is good advice! If his appetite doesnt pick up in a couple of days then I would take him to the Drs.
    I hope you dont need to though and that he is soon back to his happy & hungry self!

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    Pietta Guest

    Thanks for the advice girls- i think i might give the smoothies a go.
    We go to the chiro with him and he has been 2 times this last fortnight- thanks tho Kelly- he really changes demeanour after the chiro. It's good to see.

    He has had a bit to eat today- maybe he is just getting sick of toast!! LOL
    No we give him yoghurt every second day but for the last three havent had any in the fridge so maybe thats different- :smt102

    Anyway DH went to the doc today and i asked her what she thought and she said that if he is still on the 100th percentile for height and weight (which he is- we checked with CHN today) then all is okay. She said maybe he is just feeling a little sick still-
    Makes sense.

    Thanks for your help though