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    Has anyone ever heard of Graco prams?

    I didn't buy our pram, it was a hand me down, but we are looking at buying a new one and seen this one on eBay:

    I am wary of buying from eBay (have been stung in the past) and don't like the idea of buying a pram that I can't test out in person. But this pram looks good and has all the features I want and is quite cheap.

    So was just wondering if anyone has heard of Graco prams, or have used them, or have used this pram in particular, and what do you think?
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    I wouldn't be too worried about buyign it off ebay - it's an ebay store you're buying from anyway. Plus they have 100% feedback.
    If you're ever worried, just ask them if you can check it out before you buy it. I've bought two second hand prams off ebay and both times the sellers have said if I dont' like the pram when I come to pick it up, I don't have to buy it. Just ask them.
    Good luck, looks adn sounds like a good pram!

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