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    DD#2 got into the cupboard and found an alphabet peg puzzle still in its wrapper I was going to give to the medical centre for its play room. She unwrapped it and promptly lost the J. So I went looking for it.

    I found:

    One of the baby's hats full of peanuts
    Lego stuck through the holes in the spines of my large lever arch folders in the bookshelf
    Blocks under an ornate table that has a design cut into it
    Pieces from a board game under a rolled-up rug in the corner
    We have a vanity sitting in a corner waiting to get installed. She'd put a bunch of jumpers (computer components), buttons and paperclips down the plug hole and some nappy rash cream, more board game pieces and some drinking straws down the tap hole.
    More straws in the tiny gap under the TV
    More lego in her slippers
    More peanuts in our bed
    Several pieces of a wooden train set inside her pillowcase
    A night light in a drawer that is supposed to be full of hats (no hats in there of course)
    More computer components in her toyboxes

    The list goes on ...

    No J though

    This is something else my first child (thankfully) never did. Every time something goes missing in this house (often stolen from DD#1's bedroom) we get "where's my X?" "ask DD#2"

    You guys found anything interesting hidden around the house?

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    I moved the lounges around the other day to vac under them and found 2 balls (the little fisher price roll a round ones), a crunchie wrapper, a couple of catalogues, a spoon, 50 cents...nothing too interesting but I was amazed how much stuff was underneath them!

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    Egads, under the couch. We have so much stuff under there (mostly toys stolen from DD#1's room). She tries to get them out one at a time with a tool meant for picking up screws. It takes her an absolute eternity to clean the lounge ...

    One day the toddler is going to empty the tween's room, I swear.

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    DD has a fascination with coins so I got her some play money. I have found it in the ducted heating intake, the dvd recorder, inside the printer & anything that has a small hole that looks like a money box hole

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    I used to find DD1's dummies in my guitar!! thats about it tho. Have you watched the first chipmunk movie? Maybe she had stored it for the winter and forgotten about it.

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    I find the remote in dd's doll house all the time, and she's hidden the ipod in her room before. breaks my brain

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    OMG - yes!!

    Our DS loves 'slotting' things everywhere... we swear he'll be a postman when he grows up

    Magnets are a special find - he gets them under doors, in drawers and at the bottom of the fridge (so you find them when you open up the fridge door) Coasters are another specialty.

    We recently lost our salt and pepper grinders and I ended up having to go out and buy new ones as we figured he'd put them in the bin. Then last week DH found them in the griller part of the oven *sigh*

    We also lost a wooden blue ring from an Ikea lighthouse, that we found months later in a cupboard with a lock on it Not sure about that one! LOL

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    I found my car keys inside a tissue box once! And I know there are a couple of plastic spoons and some pieces of cracker behind the handle of the dishwasher but there's no way I can get them out!!

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