thread: high chair - any recommendations?

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    turtle Guest

    high chair - any recommendations?

    Hi there,
    Can anyone recommend us a really good high chair they have and been really happy with? I was looking at the one called Stokke Tripp Trapp, it looks nice and simple but I don't know how safe and comfortable it is for the baby.
    Love to hear any feedbacks on the chair, also open to other suggestions.
    Thank you!


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I love our high chair, but I have no idea who makes it sorry it was a gift... it actually straps on to most chairs and is completely plastic. When Matilda was smaller I would prop up towels around her, but its great because I can take it out with us, its small & compact AND I can hose it off....which is sooooo easy. I'll have a look around on websites to see if I can find which one we have

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    Vanessa Guest

    We have a Steelcraft one, it has a navy blue padded seat that reclines, great for when baby is starting to feed, and moves up and down. It has castor wheels so it can be easily moved around the kitchen, dining room and has a five point harness. The tray table removes easily and has a cup holder. We often take it outside to hose down too. LOL

    It was great when Liam was three - six months old, he wasnt feeding solids, but we sat him in it reclined whilst we were eating at the table and he liked seeing us at that height. When he started solids at six months we moved the seat to a more upright spot, but not completely upright. Now Liam is 16 months old he likes to hop in it himself, so it his completely lowered, he hops in, we strap him in and slide the table tray on. It stopped him from trying to escape, which started at 14 months.

    We bought it at Kmart on sale.

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    May 2003
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    Some things to look our for are:

    ~ Do the straps come out from the back of the high chair of the base? I have found the cheaper ones that come out from the seat a pain, becasue you get your baby into the high chiar and then find they are sitting on the straps....
    ~ Is their a bar bit coming up between the legs? I like these (as I have a little titch) and this stops her from sliding forwards when she is tired
    ~ Is the tray easy to pull on and off and safe so as not to be a finger trap hazzard?
    ~ Does it have a "high and low" feature.......we thought this was important, but as we always eat at the dining table it hasn't actually been an issue, but I love Vanessa's story about Liam being able to get in himself when it is in the low position!
    ~ Easy to clean? (Although they do get revoltingly filthy regardless!)


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    katanya Guest

    I have a second hand peg prego prima papa (I think that's how you say it)
    My mum bought it for $50, they are worth $290 new..

    They are pretty cool..they have a reclining back, removable padded seat, multiple high adjusts, tilt tray too, 5 point harnes which is easy to use..locking wheels..

    I used it when Felix was 8 weeks old and use to have him in the kitchen with me while I did the dishes and he could see me still (on recline)

    Felix is still up high, but it will be great when he will get in and out willingly (not really an option right now ) you can use them for activity tables leter too..

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    We also have a Steelcraft one, which was also bought on sale at Kmart.

    I can't remember how much they cost - but they are over the $100 mark.

    and Ditto to everything else Vanessa said about hers

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2004

    I got mine at target on special for $130. It reclines has easy removable tray handy basket underneath for bibs, wipes etc. One other thing i'd reccomend, mine is a wipe easy fabric, i think thats better than the the plastic/vinyl ones cos in summer if sweaty they would be awful and sticky.

    Oh, and it also has the tray insert thing that is dishwasher safe.

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    Cass Guest

    We have a Stokke High Chair. They are pricey - but they are great as you sit the kids at the table and the chair adjusts as they grow.
    Rinn loves hers.

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    turtle Guest

    high chair - any recommendations?

    Thanks ladies!!
    The tips have been great.
    I guess there are just so many to choose from, it is very hard to pick!
    I'm sure we'll have fun picking one though!!

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    Melinda Guest

    Shannon, I just looked online and couldn't see the high chair in the 'spring' catalogue, which is the one they are displaying online ATM. Is there another catalogue that has just come out or something??

    I'm interesting in ditching my high chair and getting another one as I'm totally peeved with it LOL. The trays.....can you move them backwards and forwards so that they are close to baby or further away IYKWIM, or do they have a set spot??