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Thread: Hire Car in USA with own child seat

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    Default Hire Car in USA with own child seat

    Hi Everyone,

    This is a bit of a random question...

    We're off to the USA on holiday in July and doing a bit of a road trip. We really want to take our own car seat as ds is really comfy in it, plus it has the inbuilt speakers which are absolutely fab on long journeys (Bananas in Pyjamas can wear a bit thin after the 3rd consecutive time...)

    Has anyone hired a car with their own child seat? Do you need to take any special equipment to attach it? I realise this depends on the car - we are hiring a Ford Escape (or similar?!?), but if anyone has done this I'd really appreciate hearing if it worked out...


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    just check with the state you are travelling to.. For example New Jersey State lwas my be different to California laws.. so i would do some google searches.. we are travelling to New Jersey soon and are taking DS car seat.

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    I'm not sure that it would work because the seats strap in differently over there. They strap in at the base of the seat, not over the top like ours (well at least that's how it worked in the cars we hired, and also in my sisters car)

    I'd speak to the rental place just to double check.

    Hope that helps


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