thread: how to clean a little penis

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    It gets funner when they start telling you all about their 'strong' willies......!

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    Hun DS's first erection was 2 weeks old! A tad early I thought!!!
    They mostly are from needing a wee after he wakes up. Or from playing with it....ALOT! Lol!!
    He is 1 & I've never used anything at all in that area. The only times we've had any probs down there are when there IS soap around, so I don't use it on him.

    As everyone else said. Don't pull it back. They should do that themselves anywhere from the age of 3 - 9.
    You can damage it if you do.

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    Ditto what everyone else has said. Your on the right track just by giving it a gentle wash and not pulling back the foreskin at all. I had heard that in many boys the foreskin will not physically be able to be pulled back until the boy is about 3 or even 4. I have 5 god sons and this was true with all of them.

    With regard to erections, I learned early that if DS had one to quickly put the nappy back on as it usually meant he was about to wee . DS is now one and just started playing with it in the bath, he's a bit young but DH and I are already telling him to 'clean his penis' so it will be something he grows up hearing.

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    Yeah, my boys both get little erections all the time. Jackson always has one in the morning before he does a wee, could knock a lamp over with it. Leo's aren't quite as severe, but both have got them since birth - completely normal, and not sexual at all.

    In regards to cleaning I just give Leo a good wipe after a nappy change. I lift his penis up because he can get a little "cheesy" in the crease where his prenis joins to his testes, but I never pull the foreskin back, and agree with everyone else that it is a big nono. Jackson is 4 and his foreskin has not retracted at all. I give their bits a good wash with soap in the bath each night and they have never had any problems

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    Hey! Thanks for this one. Harry was walking along fine after a nappy change before and then he started screaching and demanding a new nappy. It was wet (he wont pee in a soiled nappy) and I was wondering what could possibly be wrong. It was fine when I changed him only a few minutes before hand. Got my answer now. Needs more water.

    Thanks bunches!

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    With regard to erections, I learned early that if DS had one to quickly put the nappy back on as it usually meant he was about to wee
    Yep, it's usually my cue to grab a towel or a nappy quick!

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    Yes... The pee stiffee as I call it...

    DS (9mo) has just discovered his penis, and now changing nappy time is getting even more exciting... Especially with poops...

    In relation to cleaning, I occasionally notice a tiny red penis tip, so I just make sure to give it a good swish with water in the bath, and pop a tiny bit of cream round the edge of the penis, and it usually clears up overnight.