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Thread: How to cut down to one sleep a day

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    Default How to cut down to one sleep a day

    As my title suggests, how do I cut DD down to one sleep a day? She currently has two (short) naps - she rarely sleeps longer than an hour (always been the way). Her double nap is impacting on her night sleep so am keen to drop a nap...



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    What time are her sleeps at the moment? When Nina was having 2 sleeps, they were mid morning, then mid afternoon. So when she was showing the signs of being ready for one sleep, I would keep her up a little later in the morning, and put her down at around 11.30, then she'd sleep for a few hours.

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    Chelsea is still sleeping 2 times a day. Around 1030am-11 she goes down for an hour or so...then about 2.30 she goes down for anywhere between 1hour and 3 hours. Then bed at 8-830pm until 7-730am...

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