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Thread: How to deal with warring parties...

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    Default How to deal with warring parties...

    Well I've just busted up another brawl that resulted in Mason having a badly scratched face and Angus bawling with a red welt on his back.
    I am oh so over this fighting ATM and the worst part is that I am torn between locking them in their rooms (well I would if they had locks on them) and comforting them as they really do hurt eachother.

    They fight over anything, a book, what to watch on TV, who sits on my lap (THE MOST FRUSTRATING ONE) and even nothing. They are as bad as eachother at just walking past the other and just punching for no reason. Then there has to be the retaliation and they chase eachother around the house till I hear the inevitable slap and cry. OMG I am so over it.
    I'd really like some advice on how to handle this from those who have been there.
    OK vent over.

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    Hi Sammi

    I know it will be of little consolation to you at the moment but I used to fight with my brother (we were only 12 months apart). It would often cause us both real physical injuries and I almost killed him once when I puched him in our farm dam (he was only 3 and couldn't swim). I have no tips for you because nothing that they did ever seemed to work.

    But - 25 years on - we can't live without eachother and are on the phone all the time and see eachother whenever we can. I don't remember when it changed.

    Lets hope that it doesn't take your little munchkins quite that long to be civil to eachother.

    Good luck

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