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    Question How do i......

    ....get Chelsea to drink WATER???

    My nurse said to give her at least 40-60 mls a day to help with constipation and keep her hydrated.....but i cant get her to drink it at all. She takes it in her mouth then proceeds to spit it straight back out at me.

    Is there something i can add to it so she will drink it....

    Must take after her daddy... he hates water too

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    Kim, is Chelsea bottle or breastfed?

    What temp are you heating the water too?

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    I am assuming she is bottlefed given that you've been advised to give her water? Otherwaise they'd normally get you to drink more, and feed more often.
    I don't htink I'd add anything to it, maybe pedialyte? but I'd check first.

    Milo was really slow on the uptake (or intake? ha ha) with water, he hated for quite a while.

    He still will not drink it from a bottle, only a cup.

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    Chelsea is bottle fed.
    I use the same bottles i use for her formula.
    The water is luke take the chill off. Ive tried it warm warm, luke warm, room temp, fridge temp.

    When she was a few days old she had really bad constipation from the formula i was using, and i gave her water to help. She would drink little bits then 10-20 mls...but now she wont have a bar of it at all.

    She hates all kinds of temperatures!!

    She is on 4 hourly feeds now, manage to get at least 5 in a day.....6 if we are lucky.

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    Jesse doesnt like drinking water either. He's bottle fed. He starts gulping it down then when he realises its water he spits it out. If ive noticed he's ever constipated ive just put an extra 5 or 10 mls water in the formula. Dont water it down too much though as it can upset their tummies. Our house is airconed so even on hot days he doesnt get dehidrated so im not too worried he doesnt drink it. But one other thing i know he'll drink the water out of is face washers. He'd drink his baths dry if id let him. So another thing ive done it give him a cooled wet washer (i soke it in coolded boiled water and put it in the fridge) .. is great for his teething and he then drinks the water too.

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    I was told to put 1 teaspoon of brown sugar to every 120mls. Callum loved it!

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